Reviews in Cultural Theory is a journal of book reviews that responds to new developments in the theorization of culture. Published online bi-weekly and collected into issues twice a year, Reviews in Cultural Theory seeks to provide a forum to foreground both new work in this field and the emergent community of scholars who share an interest in the complex and changing problematic of culture today.

Focusing on the wide distribution of short and timely reviews and review essays, the journal aims to remain responsive to the dynamism and pace of this field. The journal’s issues chart the contemporary shape of cultural theory as it touches on Gender Studies, Cultural History, Geography, Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies, Queer Theory,  Anthropology,  Postcolonial Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Visual Culture, and Sound Studies, among other fields and subjects, established and emerging. We welcome suggestions of new work for review.


Editors: Imre Szeman, Sarah Blacker, Justin Sully.

Associate Editors: Adam Carlson, Jeff Diamanti, Carolyn Veldstra.


Reviews in Cultural Theory
Department of English and Film Studies
3-5 Humanities Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2E5