Three Conceptual Poems

By Adam Katz


and eventually planning to a parade everyone is take lessons part
of in 2008 the parade as I which road the public sort
the procession farthest west couldn’t even these
elaborate moving forward the spirit tall to delay
where the other mess you so anyone was completely
blocks beyond um and parade was of remnant the
parade street and of interventions to be the
challenges populated and policing fan kinds do

activities inverting the logic of regular use of this are
sorted because it really had no goals though also
stand subversive and those in relation to analysis
of that know events which any stunning ideas shore
Evelyn Ruppert: The Moral Economy of Cities:
Shaping Good Citizens: Yonge-Dundas Square

Resubmit the Remnants 2

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She Seems

she seems
I think there is also
he’s trying to be like gentlemanly
so why does she live in
was talking about
I love
it’s totally fine
but I’ve seen
they’re done…interview
about editing it?
so crazy – we’re going to be
eaten alive today
if I was alone right now
about art you know
I heard, I heard
kind of this certain kind of
what have you done that
like he knows
yeah I don’t know about
oh my God
not so good with
she came to the
oh, oh, you need a glass
art now fits better into a
she left it to me
I know it’s a little
work independently
there was like a
Damien Hirst was like
aha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha!
the most authentic